A.B. Modi
Our Founder & CEO

Certified Bubble Developer, brings a wealth of expertise to the table with an impressive track record of over 160 successful Bubble projects under his belt.
AI Architect, skillfully combines his extensive Bubble development experience with innovative AI solutions, elevating every project he undertakes.
UI/UX Expert, masterfully crafts user-centric designs, ensuring each project is not only functional but also visually stunning and intuitive.

Our Team Under One Roof

At bub.dev, we've chosen to unite our diverse team under one roof, embracing the vibrant energy and synergy that only an office environment can foster. This deliberate choice enhances team dynamics and collaboration among our experts, while also playing a crucial role in safeguarding our clients' data, ensuring every project is handled with the utmost security and collective creativity.


At bub.dev, our vision is to revolutionize the tech startup landscape, making it effortlessly possible for non-technical founders to bring their innovative ideas to life. We envision a world where launching a tech startup is not a hurdle, but a thrilling and accessible journey for every visionary entrepreneur.


We are committed to demystifying the tech development process, offering a seamless, supportive path for non-technical founders to launch and thrive. By bridging the gap between great ideas and technical execution, we aim to be the catalyst for transforming visionary concepts into tangible, successful startups.